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Affordable Housing Resources

This waitlist is for below market units located in downtown Ann Arbor. These units are below market studios or 1-bedroom units only (at this time). Anyone selected for the waitlist would need to have regular income or a voucher. While there are limitations on rent for the units, all tenants need to have income or their own voucher to meet the monthly rental amount.


Due to the rental amount and the limited unit size of these rentals, they are most suitable for smaller 1-2 person households whose income is $30K-50K per year. 

This is a list of external resources. None of the A2 Affordable Housing Waitlist properties come with vouchers, are considered public housing, or will calculate your rent based on your income:


- Section 8 vouchers are administered by many housing authorities in the USA, and you can apply to any of them whenever they have an open waitlist. HUD’s website lists all the housing authorities in the USA. Once you get a voucher, you can move to another community and take your voucher with you to a new housing authority. Some housing authorities allow you to move with your voucher immediately and others require you to live in their community for at least one year before you can move. 

Please note: All the properties are required to accept Section 8 – everywhere in Ann Arbor is required to accept Section 8, otherwise it’s considered discrimination. Please see the City website about this and the complaint process if needed: Human Rights Commission (


- There are 2 websites that post waitlists that are open and Each housing authority has its own application process so you will need to follow the process of that agency when the waitlist is open. It might be on-line applications or paper applications. 

- The Ann Arbor Housing Commission opens their websites every year or so.  Please check their website or the website for more information.  It is expected that one or more waitlists will be open between August and October of 2020.

- If you have questions about housing vouchers, please call the Ann Arbor Housing Commission at 734.794.6720.



If you are homeless or about to be evicted, Washtenaw County has a centralized intake, assessment and waitlist process for homeless households through Housing Access of Washtenaw County (HAWC). The Salvation Army staffs this program and they can be reached at 734 961-1999 or at 


If you are homeless, the largest shelter in the community for single adults is the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County at 312 W Huron, Ann Arbor MI. Phone: 734 662-2829.


The largest shelter and crisis line for youth is Ozone House. Phone: 734 662-2222.


If you are about to be evicted, please contact Legal Services of South Central Michigan to see if you have any legal remedies to stop or delay the eviction. Phone: 734-665-6181

If you are a victim of domestic violence, please contact SafeHouse Center. Phone: 734-995-5444 

If you are a senior, please contact the Housing Bureau for Seniors at 734 998-9339 to see if there are any resources available to you. There are several senior housing properties in Washtenaw County that have below market-rate rents. 



Another resource to find housing that is below-market rate rents for low-income households, including senior housing, is 


A local list of affordable housing properties is maintained by Salvation Army and HAWC and can be found online here.


In April 2021, the City passed an ordinance banning the box (criminal/legal involvement) from housing applications. This is also governed by the Human Rights Commission.​​

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