​About this Waitlist


The City of Ann Arbor has recently adopted a series of policy and zoning changes to encourage the development of affordable housing units in the City of Ann Arbor.  Based on the tools used, each property will have different-sized units, and different requirements for income and rent restrictions.

None of the A2 Affordable Housing Waitlist properties come with vouchers, are considered public housing, or will calculate your rent based on your income. If you are interested in public housing and/or voucher waitlists – please use this link to go to our page with more information about those waitlists.


This website and waitlist will be used to select applicants for those rental units. As of Summer 2020 there is only one property with units available through this website – Beekman on Broadway (8 units available in Late August/Early September). However, it is expected that properties will be added each year, so please check back at least annually. You are not guaranteed housing, but if selected and qualified, you will be matched with a property and still need to meet the property's application requirements.


All applicants are responsible for keeping contact information up to date.  If your e-mail or phone number changes, please update your information immediately.  The City and OCED can only contact you based on information provided, and are not responsible if you don’t respond, due to incorrect, incomplete, or old contact information.

If selected you will be contacted by e-mail and/or phone to provide documentation on income and you will have 10 business days to do so.

To learn more about how the waitlist will be utilized, view the official policy. The policy was adopted by Ann Arbor City Council at their August 17, 2020 meeting.

This website and waitlist are managed by the City of Ann Arbor and the Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development. Click here to contact us and see Frequently Asked Questions.

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